Products specifically designed for manufacturers, fillers and beverage companies that produce or process glass containers


Sampling Pressure Tester 2

Automated pressure testing and volume measurement for glass containers

Sampling Pressure Tester

Automated at-the-line pressure testing for glass containers

OLT Family of Glass Container Thickness Products

On-line thickness measurement of glass containers

All-Shapes Spacing Device

Product spacing for bottles and packages

Container Spacing Device

On-line spacing for round containers


Dimensional Sampling Gauge (DSG)

High-precision, automated dimensional measurement system for glass containers

OmniLab® automated sampling system

Comprehensive at-the-line measurement and pressure testing system

Thickness 360™ Gauge

High-resolution thickness measurement of glass containers

Ramp Pressure Tester 2

Advanced pressure testing instrument for glass containers

Finish Coating Measurement System

Coating measurement system for the finish region of glass containers

Hot End Coating Measurement System

Coating measurement system for the bodies of glass containers

Seal Surface Coating Measurement System

Coating measurement system for the seal surface of glass containers

Fill Height Tester

Automated fill height volume measurement system

MBT 7200 & 7400

Portable, high-precision thickness measurement for non-ferrous materials

Vertical Load Tester

Vertical load strength measurement for glass containers

Hand Held Thickness Probe

Portable thickness measurement of glass, plastic or other non-conductive materials

Line Simulator

Filling line abrasion simulation

Density Comparator

Measurement of glass density

Impact Tester

Impact, dent and puncture resistance testing of containers


Residual stress measurement for glass containers and glassware

Tilt Table

Measurement of container lubricity and coefficient of static friction


For evaluating residual strain in rigid containers

Manual Gauges

Digital Calipers

Measurement of bottle and neck finish dimensions

Fill Height Syringe

Container fill level adjustment for fill height and volume measurement

Height Gauge

Overall height measurement for bottles and preforms

Illuminated Magnifying Glass

Visual defect inspection for containers and preforms

PI Tape

Quickly measure the circumference of cylindrical containers