American Glass Research Services

The services provided by American Glass Research , a subsidiary of Agr International, have benefited numerous market segments ranging from the glass manufacturer to the end-user.  We primarily serve the glass packaging industry, which includes the food, beverage, tableware, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, our expertise has been utilized for the evaluation of tempered ware, kitchenware and candle containers.  Our ever- expanding capabilities have also proven valuable to customers in flat glass, automotive glass, specialty glass and even the ceramic/whitewares markets.

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Consulting & Training (Butler, PA)


Analytical (Maumee, OH)

Training Seminars - topics include fracture diagnosis, defect identification, bottle design, coating technology, cord and annealing and batch and furnace operations


Raw Material Composition - analysis to characterize all batch materials, including electrostatic precipitator dusts and cullets

Production Line Audits - on-site visit to the glass manufacturing facility to assure quality production


Glass Composition - accurate and rapid glass analyses to resolve batch upset, meet compositional requirements, evaluate changes or meet customer requirements 

Filling Line Audits - evaluation using an impact sensor to identify severe filling line handling


Glass Physical Properties - testing which characterizes the properties of glass density, softening point and coefficient of thermal expansion

Container Design - use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate stresses generated in the container under anticipated loads


Heavy Metal Testing - testing for lead, cadmium and chromium (VI); complete container basis, ASTM C927-Lip and Rim testing; ASTM C-738 for food contact items; NIOSH 9100 Wipe Test

Performance Testing - development of tailored test strategies with goals ranging from quality evaluations to problem solving


Contamination - testing for strength loss, foaming, labeling issues, packaging contamination and weathering

Glass Quality - evaluation of stone, cord, glass color and composition


USP/EP Testing - testing of powdered glass, water attack at 121°C, arsenic, light transmission or soluble alkali

Annealing & Tempering - analysis of residual permanent stresses from annealing or glass strengthening processes



Fracture Diagnosis - root cause analysis of breakage to assess the severity of the fracture origin (flaw) versus load type and magnitude



Coatings - evaluation of hot end (tin oxide) and cold end (polyethylene, AP5) coatings



Labeling & Decorating - evaluation of embossing, applying a ceramic label (ACL), frosting and laser coding



Closure Problems - evaluation of capping, torque removal, cork extraction and rusting issues



Tableware Issues - flaw identification and performance testing, including impact and thermal shock



Product Liability - sample examination, testing and duplication of breakage, expert courtroom witness




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