The employees of Agr are involved as a group in various activities throughout the community. This page includes descriptions of some of these activities.



Pennsylvania’s Adopt-A-Highway program involves volunteer groups who “adopt” sections of area highways and are responsible for removing litter from their section throughout each year. The employees of Agr have participated in this program for over 20 years and cover a three-mile stretch of State Route 528 along the Dr. Preston Conservancy Area at Lake Arthur, Moraine State Park.



United Way

Each year, several Agr employees participate in the United Way Week of Caring where they help with various cleanup and repair projects throughout the community.


Ag3r Bicycle Racing Team

Serving as the company’s diversification logo, “Ag3r” represents our commitment to provide Quality Control Equipment & Services to our Glass container, Plastic container, and alternative packaging material customers. The goal of the Ag3r Bicycle Racing Team is to bring regional visibility to Agr International as a company providing high-technology employment opportunities.

ag3r racing


Cooperative Education Program

Agr, working in conjunction with area universities, colleges and trade schools, offers co-op, internship and practicum opportunities for students studying physics, computers, software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and other related fields to gain valuable “real world” experience in the area of their concentration.