Agr International Inc. appoints Steve Smith to lead Agr’s North American sales team

Butler, Pennsylvania – March 1, 2021 – Agr International announced the appointment of Mr. Steve Smith to lead Agr’s North American sales organization. This appointment is a continuation of Agr’s multi-year plan to strengthen and expand its sales and service organizations in order to better support the distinct needs of customers throughout the world.

Mr. Steve Smith will assume the position of Director of Sales. In this role, he will oversee all sales related activities within the United States, Mexico, Canada and several countries within Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since joining Agr’s sales team, Steve has consistently contributed to Agr’s business growth. Over the last twelve months he has played a major role in Agr’s efforts to successfully navigate through the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic.  In addition to the outstanding sales results, Steve has demonstrated the ability to manage complex customer accounts in the bottle manufacturing and beverage industry.

Mr. Smith possesses significant knowledge and experience with Agr’s customers, products and services and is well positioned to provide the guidance necessary to lead Agr’s North American sales force. Steve has considerable experience in industrial sales and management.  Prior to joining Agr’s sales team, he held sales managerial positions in the aluminum extrusion and carbon/graphite industries. This experience, along with his knowledge of Agr products, well positions he and his team to assist customer in meeting their varied needs, while achieving operational success.

According to Steve, “AGR International has provided me an opportunity to grow and succeed personally and professionally.  I look forward to continuing to promote world class products to the plastic and glass container industries with the North American sales team.  As a team and a company, we are well prepared for the challenge to help our plastic and glass customers navigate the production challenges of increased demand for recycled content through products, technology and services.”   

Agr International Inc. develops and manufactures a full line of laboratory and on-line testing/quality control devices for glass and plastic containers and similar products. Agr products play a leading role in helping bottle manufactures meet sustainability challenges while improving productivity and profitability.  The Agr headquarters is located in Butler, PA, USA.