American Glass Research to present new live webinar on container design and branding


 American Glass Research (AGR) will be conducting its latest in a series of educational webinars in a  2-session live webinar, “Spotlight on: Fusing Container Design and Branding,” on January 19 and 21, 2021.

How do you design a glass bottle that enhances your brand’s image? What are the trade-offs between a distinctive design and container performance? In this new webinar, AGR’s design experts will address these questions as well as explore branding options, stress levels, and performance implications for stock, custom, and unique bottle categories.

During the seminar, participants will also learn about a variety of branding opportunities and how they may be applied, while taking into consideration performance implications and other technical details.

This webinar is targeted towards glass packaging engineers, brand managers and marketing professionals in the beverage industry who want their brands to be robust on the filling line and stand out on a store shelf.  Glass manufacturers involved with sales or technical service will also benefit by learning how to present their products to fillers.

This new webinar consists of two, 1-hour live presentations and will be conducted by Research Engineer, Brad Salitrik.  The live broadcast will take place at 9:00am EST/14:00 GMT/15:00 CET.  The cost is $475 per person.  The webinar will be recorded so attendees can replay the presentation at their convenience.  A free preview of the webinar and additional information can be found at

AGR has been conducting live in-person training to the glass manufacturing industry and glass container fillers worldwide for over 60 years.  In response to the COVID pandemic and heightened health safety considerations, AGR has constructed a dedicated studio for the production of live webinars and self- paced e-seminar modules.