Latest Gawis upgrades available on new and existing machines

Vision based measurement systems have greatly simplified the dimensional measurement of PET containers.  However, non-round containers continue to offer a number of challenges when it comes to measuring body sidewall dimensions.  Unlike traditional round containers where measurement is simple and straight forward, measuring non-rounds can be quite complicated especially when using vision-based technology. Factors such as the severity of corner radii, panel width, decorations and clarity of the material all affect the efficacy of dimensional measurements.

The latest upgrade from Agr for the Gawis OD® automated measuring station addresses this measurement challenge.  In this upgrade, new algorithms and control routines have been added that re-define the way the Gawis cameras perform edge detection, the key to non-round measurement accuracy. As part of this upgrade, emphasis has been made to precisely control the position of the bottle during the imaging and measurement process. Operators now have the ability to choose from several “step size” selections based on the shape and measurement difficulty of the container.  On the finest selection, up to 1200 images per measurement around the perimeter are captured, ensuring that the absolute minimum and maximum dimensions are identified.  In addition, a selectable light threshold on a job by job basis has been included. This capability improves edge detection even further, especially for ultra-clear bottles, or for the rare cases when the edge of the container is difficult to see reliably. These advancements ensure that the true edge of even the most challenging container, round or non-round is detected with the highest precision. Results have shown as much as a 10x improvement in accuracy and repeatability on horizontal width and depth measurements on multi-panel non-round containers.

Upgrade available for existing systems

Expanded measurement capabilities will be included on all Gawis OD systems shipped in 2016 and beyond.  An upgrade package is also available for existing Gawis OD® owners with the purchase of Agr’s Software Maintenance Plan or Total Care Program.  This package includes new software for non-round measurements, expanded container position selections, selectable light thresholds and a Windows 7® operating system.

The Gawis automated measuring systems are the workhorse of the PET container testing lab.  Gawis systems are relied upon around the world by PET bottle converters and brand owners alike for highly accurate thickness and dimensional measurements on a range of PET bottle shapes and sizes.  Gawis systems also provide a range of thickness and dimensional measurements for PET preforms.

For information on a new Gawis OD or an upgrade to an existing system, contact your local regional Agr sales office.