NEW SPT2, built on a history of testing

Commercial shipments of the SPT 2 will begin leaving the Agr factory in early September.  The first round of production units are destined for Europe, North America and Brazil.

Why do we need to break so many bottles?  We do so to ensure that our newest tester performs as designed, according to industry standards, and will live up to your expectations of an Agr testing system.   Pressure testing glass bottles is very challenging and sophisticated.  A defined constant-rate increasing pressure must be applied to the container.  A rate too fast will overestimate the pressure strength, leading to wrong conclusions and potential liability issues in the field. The rate has to be just right.  Before we sign off on a pressure design, we make sure that it will provide the correct answer, every time it is used, and for many years into the future.

Built on a solid research testing foundation, the fundamentals of the SPT2 date back to the early 1940’s.  Agr, known then as Preston labs and later as American Glass Research, applied their expertise in glass fundamentals towards evaluating and understanding why some glass bottles fail prematurely under pressure. At the time, this was a serious issue facing glass bottle makers. ASTM C-147, the first industry standard for testing the internal pressure of glass bottles, was born from these studies.  And with it, a long line of testing devices to help bottle makers meet these standards.

Often called the testing machines that protect your brand name, Agr pressure testers are in continual use in plants around the world.  From the first ever commercial pressure tester (the Preston Hydrostatic Pressure Tester) to the fully automated SPT2, Agr has, and continues to provide glass bottle makers with the technology to ensure that the pressure ware you produce meets a level of performance, image and safety that is expected by your customers.

As evidenced by the initial interest and orders for the SPT2, major glass bottle makers are realizing the value this revolutionary testing and measurement system brings to their operations.

More information on the SPT2 can be found here.