Scheduled Care Plan

To assist customers in keeping their Agr equipment operating at peak performance, the Technical Service group offers Scheduled Care Plan with our customized service agreements. These agreements are designed to help our customers protect their investment through preventative maintenance. Agr service agreements are developed on an individual basis, not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

After reviewing the equipment you would like covered by the agreement, Agr Technical Service will prepare a formal proposal. The quoted price will include labor, at a reduced rate, for performing maintenance on the specified equipment, as well as travel and living expenses. The agreements are in force for one year from date of receipt of purchase order and cover two visits at six-month intervals.

Under the agreement, an Agr Technical Service Representative will visit the plant during the scheduled times, and supply thorough inspection, lubrication, cleaning, repair and preventive maintenance services to the mechanical, electronic and optical components covered under this agreement. Agr will adjust and calibrate the components of the instruments covered by this agreement according to NIST or IS09000 standards for optical and mechanical transducer components. All calibrations will be verified against references in order to guarantee accuracy to Agr specifications.

With the customized service agreement visits performed by the Technical Service group, customers can ensure that their investment is long lasting.

Non-Scheduled Service Visits: Any additional service visits requested for the covered instruments, within the Agreement period, will be charged at a discounted rate plus travel and lodging for the technician.

Spare Parts: Agr extends a discount for any spare parts purchased during the Agreement period for the equipment covered under the agreement.

Contact [email protected] for more information.