Coatings for Containers – American Glass Research to present its latest live webinar

“Coatings for Containers – Purpose and Performance” on September 21 and 23, 2021


The “Spotlight on: Coatings for Containers – Purpose and Performance” webinar, to be held on September 21 and 23, is produced by American Glass Research and is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the purpose of surface treatments applied to glass containers.

This webinar consists of 2 sessions of instruction and will demonstrate the protection provided and indicate how the coatings ensure satisfactory container performance.

Topics covered include the general aspects related to the application and function of the hot end and cold end  coatings.  An introduction to the instruments and test methods used to evaluate the quality of surface treatments will also be presented. Participants will also become familiar with the practical aspects of interpreting coating measurements through the use of case studies.

This webinar is a live presentation consisting of two 1-hour sessions plus Q&A, and will be conducted by American Glass Research’s Doug Holscher. The live broadcast will be conducted at 9:00 EDT/13:00 GMT/15:00 CEST. The cost is $375 per person. Group discounts are available. For those unable to view the live broadcast, the webinar will be recorded so attendees can replay the presentation at their convenience.

American Glass Research has been conducting fracture analysis seminars for over 80 years and offers a full catalog of seminars and training sessions designed to augment and improve the skills and knowledge of plant personnel working with glass containers. This webinar is the latest in a series of educational webinars produced by American Glass Research to provide greater accessibility to training and resources vital to the glass container industry.  The availability of the seminars in this series offer a convenient and economical means to continue critical training for plant personnel, particularly in light of travel restrictions and limited budgets.

Visit American Glass Research e-seminar site to learn more about this program and to register for participation.