Agr participation slated for February Packaging and Converting Executive Forum

Agr International will be participating in the PACE Packaging and Converting Executive Forum scheduled for February 10-12 in Brussels.  As part of this forum Agr’s Aleksander Broda and Bill Slusser from Agr’s American Glass Research division will present a paper that broaches the subject of maintaining peak container quality and performance while realizing the full potential of light weighting.  In this presentation, they will discuss Agr’s Process Pilot blowmolder management system as well as the DSG advanced measurement systems and their role in facilitating aggressive light weighting projects in plastic and glass.  In addition, they will also review the design and testing contributions of American Glass Research in the efforts to ensure that lightweight glass containers perform as desired.

The Pace Packaging and Converting Executive Forum is an invitation-only conference where key executives of the packaging industry can participate in industry-specific events that include networking sessions and technical presentations on the latest innovations and technologies.

Agr International offers a variety of equipment and services specifically designed to meet the quality assurance and productivity improvement needs of glass and plastic container manufacturers, preform manufacturers and fillers using glass and plastic containers.

Agr International is strongly committed to be the industry leader in container quality management while offering products and services that can help bottle manufacturers improve efficiencies, reduce costs and contribute to responsible management of resources.