Pack Expo on the docket for Agr in November

Agr International will feature their latest products for quality management and process control for the packaging industry at Pack Expo, booth 3392. Agr products are designed to help container producers, converters and fillers stay competitive while meeting the increased quality demands of today’s changing world.  Products that will be featured include:

Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system

The Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system, a unique product that interfaces with the blowmolder to provide precise material thickness distribution management and defect detection for PET bottles while offering hands-off blowmolder control.  With the trend towards ever lighter bottles, the Process Pilot is theultimate light-weighting tool.  This system offers bottle producers the ability to aggressively light weight bottles to the absolute minimum while providing the confidence that material is distributed appropriately. The Process Pilot system makes it possible to produce consistent high-quality bottles on a 24/7 basis regardless of operator skills, environmental changes and preform variations. Some of the benefits this product offers include: overall improved quality with reduced variation in top load and volume, production efficiencies that result from eliminating the need for section weights as well as reduced scrap and lower incidences of downtime in the blowing operation or filling line due to quality issues.

Agr products with the M-RULE shelf-life prediction model

A proven, powerful web-based shelf-life predictive tool that operates by integrating the fundamentals of permeation with critically evaluated physical data.  The incorporation of the M-RULE model in the Agr PPT3000 and Pilot Profiler® systems makes it possible to monitor and manage bottle shelf-life, at the time of production.  Agr products with M-RULE work on the premise that if every bottle were identical, the shelf-life would be equally identical. However, if one parameter changes then the shelf-life performance would also change.  In reality, changing conditions in the blowing process will cause variations in bottle attributes.  Agr measurement systems with M-RULE give you the means to monitor how these changing conditions affect shelf-life performance and, the opportunity to take the corrective action necessary to ensure that all production meets defined shelf-life goals.

Agr staff members will be available to discuss these products and the rest of their complete line of process monitoring and quality control equipment for the plastic container industry.  As an industry leader for over 85 years, Agr is committed to provide the plastic container industry with the most technologically advanced products available for quality control and productivity improvement.