NPE show – a success for Agr

The biggest show in NPE history provided Agr with many quality visits during the 5-day show in Orlando the week of March 23, 2015.  The constant traffic throughout the halls and within Agr’s booth proved to be a great show for all.  Visitors to the Agr booth were given demonstrations of the Process Pilot family – total process control and quality management for PET containers – along with various pieces of laboratory testing equipment.  In addition, there was a great deal of interest in Agr’s OptiCheck system, which was located alongside a new Uniloy injection blowmolding system in the Milacron booth.  Agr also participated in the Tech-Long booth, presenting our latest options for Process Pilot automated blowmolder management, available for use with their stretch blowmolding systems.  The great interest in Agr’s Pilot family of products, the OptiCheck system and other laboratory testing products will keep our sales team extra busy with show follow up.

NPE Show