Process Evaluation Program


Basic One-week Blowmolder Diagnostic Program

  • Learn how your blowmolder manages material distribution over an extended period of time
  • Identify key blowmolder performance indicators that affect material distribution
  • Get solid data on blower operation and performance to better manage your process

Program includes:

  • Temporary installation of Agr’s Pilot Profiler™ on one molding line
  • Measurement of 100% production of that line over a 5-day period
  • Data plotting to identify areas of variability
  • In-depth analysis of blowmolding line
  • Final report highlighting areas of variation and root cause

How it Works

Agr will bring precision tools to your facility to monitor, measure and capture key performance indicators from your blowmolder production line over a defined period of time.  Using this data, Agr consulting engineers will create a summary report of your production process and identify areas that can be adjusted to improve quality and/or production efficiency.  All analysis will be conducted and reviewed within six sigma guidelines.

Agr Process Evaluation Programs

Agr’s process evaluation programs for PET bottle manufacturers have been developed utilizing years of experience providing quality and process management solutions to the packaging industry. These programs were created to help container manufacturers and self-manufacturing brand owners understand and manage process variation that affects quality and erodes profitability. Whether embarking on a lightweighting project, blowing a difficult bottle design, having trouble meeting production goals or just interested in identifying ways to optimize your operations and increase profitability, Agr has a program that can help you better understand the factors that impact your process.

Other Programs Available

  • Overall blow line process efficiency analysis
  • Feeder process stability analysis
  • Quality function assessment
  • Six sigma training for plant personnel