Mr. Satoshi Okura to lead Agr International’s plastic products sales efforts in Japan

As the packaging markets in Asia and the surrounding region continue to expand, Agr has recognized a significant growth in the demand for its quality management and process control equipment for plastic containers.   This is evidenced by an ever expanding customer base in this region. The establishment of an office in Japan, headed by Mr. Satoshi Okura, is intended to meet this growing demand with a direct sales and service operation centrally located in the region, utilizing factory-trained Agr personnel and focusing on the needs of the plastic container industry.

Mr. Satoshi Okura holds a graduate degree in Business Management from Canadian International College. He is a veteran within the Glass and Plastic industry and has extensive business experience in South-East Asia.  Mr. Okura brings with him experience with Agr equipment that extends over sixteen years. Before accepting this opportunity, he held positions with Agr distributors servicing the Japanese market handling Agr and TopWave equipment for the plastic industry as well as Agr’s glass equipment in the container industry.

Agr Japan, under Mr. Okura’s direction, will provide sales and service support for Agr’s complete line of products serving the plastic industry.  The new office is part of the Agr Bangkok Ltd. Territory and the overall Management will be provided by Mr. Martin Küestner.