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Improving Blowmolder Operations

Agr’s patented Pilot Profiler measurement technology provides the means to monitor material distrubution over the entire sidewall of every bottle, accurately and repeatedly. This is the first step in providing the feedback critical for closed-loop blowmolder operation.

With the addition of CrystalView, base characteristics can also be measured for effective material utilization.


Identify process trends that affect material distribution as they occur!


Pilot Profiler, a measurement tool.

Precision measurement on every bottle, in real time.

Pilot Profiler provides high precision non-contact thickness and distribution measurements on PET bottles at the point of production.

  • Continuous measurements on every bottle
  • Distribution monitoring over the entire bottle sidewall
  • Repeatability to +/- 0.003 mm


Manage your blowmolder more efficiently!


A Blowmolder Management Tool

Pilot Profiler offers a wealth of bottle-based data that provides an insight into blowmolder performance and a means for efficient blowmolder management

  • Immediate feedback on blowmolder adjustments and changes
  • Visible alerts to out of spec production
  • Continuous monitoring to identify material shifts, process problems and effects of variation regardless of source
  • Comprehensive process trend reports
  • Cavity and spindle data and performance information to quickly identify blowmolder issues
  • Digital data for on-going production and closed-loop control


Consider the possibilities!

Pilot Profiler® simplifies blowmolder management

Eliminate section weight measurements

No more wasted material and time

Targeted maintenance

Identify location of problems quickly

Continuous production monitoring

Every bottle, all of the time

Timely production data

Bottle-based data correlated to blowmolder performance

Faster operator learning curves

Immediate feedback on blowmolder adjustments reduces costly errors