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Achieving the best Process and PET bottle performance properties

Process Pilot® enhancement tools provide the ability to optimize bottle production to a target that is most suitable for the product, application or operational goals. Process Pilot provides you with the means to optimize in any number of ways making it possible to efficiently customize and balance the best performing bottles with maximum profitability.


Producing better, stronger bottles!



Mold-based distribution management

Optimize overall material orientation and improve base distribution through colder processing to produce stronger, better bottles without visible pearlescence.


More consistent bottles throughout the production run!


Individual Mold Control™

Control blow parameters for each individual mold station to eliminate mold-specific outlier containers, tighten material distribution for all production and Improved downstream performance.


Meeting shelf-life targets on every bottle!



Control material utilization to achieve target permeation and manage shelf-life at the production level – always produce bottles that meet shelf-life targets.


Optimization, where it makes the most sense for your operation!

Process Pilot® technology provides the tools that let you optimize your process as you see fit...


Reduce material costs, manage for optimal lightweighting

Preform supply

Process a range of preforms with a single recipe


Reduce energy costs with colder processing


Maximize performance characteristics


Adjust production for maximum profitability


Manage distribution on individual mold basis

Material flexibility

Flexibility to process variable grades of materials and increased RPET

Shelf life

Manage the process for target shelf-life