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A better way to manage your PET bottle manufacturing
Pilot Products






Process Pilot family of products offers a means for PET bottle manufacturers to effectively manage the blowmolding process to produce bottles with the highest level of quality and bottle performance

  • Take light weighting to the limits
  • Process difficult bottle designs with greater confidence
  • Consistently produce high quality, defect free, high performance PET bottles
  • Precisely manage material distribution  
  • Efficiently manage process variation
  • Improve blowmolder and down-stream uptime
  • Optimize bottle performance
  • Save material, energy and labor


Real-time process status updates


The Pilot Family


Thickness Measurement and monitoring

Pilot Profiler® – The only process measurement tool that that can meet the needs of today’s high speed PET blowmolding operations.

  • Real-time measurement of 100% of production
  • Precise material distribution measurement over entire bottle sidewall
  • Measurement accuracy to +/-  0.020mm
  • Visual indicators provide alerts to process changes
  • Continuous updates on process trends and status


Vision-based defect detection

Pilot Vision™: In-the-blowmolder defect detection – Defect detection where it is needed, for the occasions when defects occur.

  • Inspection for all types of random visual defects over 100% of production
  • Fully integrated imaging components provide inspection where it is needed – preform, bottle seal surface, base or sidewall  
  • Reject system ensures defective bottles are removed from production


Hands-free blowmolder management and process control

Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control – The secret to effective process management is through precision thickness measurement and control.

  • Automated control instructions manage multiple, simultaneous adjustments of the blowmolder to achieve the best possible material distribution
  • Automatic adjustment of blowmolder control parameters to minimize process variation
  • Finite blowmolder control for processing ultra-light bottles within a limited process window
  • Production control for consistent, high quality bottles 24/7


Material optimization and improved bottle performance

CrystalView™ – When you can actively manage crystallinity and at the same time control thickness, you have control over bottle performance.

  • Realize maximum bottle performance, with minimal weight from a given design
  • Fine tune and control the blowmolding process to manage material distribution and crystallinity simultaneously
  • Fully optimize material orientation while avoiding the visibility of pearlescence without over stretching
  • Reduce processing temperatures from 2-6 deg C with confidence
  • Save energy