Density Comparator

Measurement of glass density

The Density Comparator offers a proven, accurate and reliable method for determining the density of glass and related materials for routine control of composition. This compact table-top device utilizes the Sink-Float approach to determine the density of a sample in accordance with ASTM Standard Method C729.

With the Density Comparator, up to 6 samples can be tested simultaneously. A circulating water bath with automatic and manual heating controls, as well as a cooling coil for rapid system cooling provides the means for precise temperature control of samples and medium according to test requirements.


  • Up to 6 test stations
  • Gauged sample tubes
  • Temperature controlled water bath
  • Back light for easy viewing of test
  • Heavy and light miscible liquids provided for a range of densities
  • Optional standards available for Sink-Float and Archimedes method


Glass – Basic Package

Glass – Professional Package