Gawis4Glass® System

Comprehensive, automatic laboratory-based dimensional measuring system for glass containers


The Gawis4Glass® system is the next generation in Agr’s  long line of automated measurement systems for glass containers. The Gawis4Glass system provides fast, accurate, non-destructive measurement of critical dimensional attributes.

Gawis4Glass is a powerful laboratory and quality control tool that:

  • Saves labor by performing multiple measurements simultaneously
  • Provides documented details on physical dimensions over 100% of the bottle
  • Offers unmatched precision and repeatability that exceeds GPI/DIN/ISO accuracy requirements for finish specifications
  • Features testing throughput that meets the needs of a production environment
  • Is ideal for laboratory operations with a small footprint of less than 1m2

System Features

High pixel density camera components and enhanced telecentric optics for maximum precision

Autojob™ (patent pending) feature streamlines and simplifies job setup with automated recognition of key finish measurements on any sample

Large touch panel user interface with configurable display and touch/drag operation

Accurate and repeatable dimensional gauging of container finish, body and base including:

  • Tilt/lean
  • Overall height
  • Thread measurements
  • Radius and angle
  • Outside dimensions
  • Body dimensions
  • Base clearance

Gawis AF™ for the Gawis4Glass system is robot ready.  This fully integrated, automated approach offers walk-away testing of glass bottles with optimum throughput.

  • Positively positioned samples
  • Configurable carousels
  • Available for purchase with Gawis4Glass or as a field upgrade