Hand Held Thickness Probe

Portable thickness measurement of glass, plastic or other non-conductive materials

The Hand Held Thickness Probe (HHTP2000) is a portable thickness measurement and evaluation device designed for measuring non-conductive materials. The unique touch and measure design is well suited for containers and hollow molded products. The HHTP2000 is ideal for plant operations where quick and effortless measurement of material distribution is needed. The HHTP2000 does not require target balls or coupling fluids, eliminating the risk of product contamination.

Operating principal – the HHTP2000 utilizes Agr’s proven “touch and measure” capacitive thickness technology. The effective capacitance of the HHTP2000 probe tip changes in proportion to the average thickness of the material. The change in capacitance is converted and then read as thickness on the digital display.


  • Glass, plastic and ceramic containers
  • Large plastic containers, automotive panels, roto-molded products
  • Sheet material where only one-sided measurement is practical
  • Plant floor or off-site measurement of parts or components
  • Thickness measurement applications where contamination is a concern

No target balls or coupling fluids required

One-piece design offers true portability


  • Measures materials up to 5mm thick (0.20 in.)
  • Min/max mode permits scanning for thin or thick spots
  • Continuous read operation – with trigger activated save
  • Hand held, portable one-piece unit
  • “Gun” style design for ease of use and one-hand operation
  • Data capture and storage of up to 14,000 measurements
  • RS232 port for downloading data
  • Replaceable probe tip
  • Rechargeable battery with long life
  • Lightweight (1.2 lbs)


Glass – Basic Package

Glass – Professional Package