Line Simulator

Filling line abrasion simulation

The Agr Line Simulator is designed to provide an accelerated, reproducible, and standardized abuse treatment in the laboratory. This treatment simulates abrasions due to container-to-container contact, which are characteristic of normal filling and handling lines. The Line Simulator is an ideal tool for determining the effectiveness of container designs, coatings, decorations, and labeling with respect to the abrasive effects of the production line.


  • Filling line performance evaluation for bottles and cans
  • Bottle coating effectiveness tests
  • Label wear and abrasion testing for bottles
  • Effects of line abrasion on returnable bottles


  • Adjustable rails and spacer disks for different container sizes
  • Duration timer
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable water spray nozzle
  • Variable speed drive


Glass – Professional Package