OmniLab® automated sampling system

Comprehensive at-the-line measurement and pressure testing system

The OmniLab® system incorporates two powerful Agr sampling and measurement devices, the Dimensional Sampling Gauge 500 and the Sampling Pressure Tester 2, into one totally integrated testing station that can communicate with plant wide process control systems. The OmniLab system can be configured to operate as a stand-alone testing station, where operators can load the station with up to 48 containers for hands-free testing, or interconnected with the production system to receive bottles automatically from upstream selection devices.

One system to manage multiple measurements and inspections

  • Dimensional measurements
  • Finish gauging
  • Bore/ID profiling
  • Pushup
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Pressure testing
  • Volume Fill/Height Measurement

All data is mold correlated and presented in a single consolidated report


  • Automated sampling and testing
  • Single User interface for all testing and reporting
  • Compatible with popular process control systems
  • Capture, display and correlation of data from multiple devices, in one location
  • Hands-free sample management
  • Multiple line support
  • Interconnect conveyors

Key OmniLab Components

Dimensional Sampling Gauge 500

The Dimensional Sampling Gauge 500 (DSG500) with Thickness 360 provides comprehensive dimensional weight and thickness measurement capabilities with fast hands-free operation

Sampling Pressure Tester 2

Proven over time, the Agr SPT2 provides pressure testing and volume of sampled products with high accuracy and unmatched reliability