Pilot Profiler® Material Distribution Management System

Comprehensive in-the-blowmolder thickness distribution measurement for PET containers

The Pilot Profiler® in-the-blowmolder material distribution measurement system offers real-time measurement feedback for PET containers, at the point of production, on every container produced. This system provides the high accuracy material distribution data that is essential for the light weighting, quality management and process control functions in today’s high speed blowmolding operations. It is compatible with all major brands of rotary blowmolders.

The Pilot Profiler system features a compact non-contact measurement unit that is positioned within the blowmolder to measure bottles as they exit the mold. This system can be fitted with up to 32 sensors to produce a comprehensive thickness profile over the entire sidewall of a container.

Pilot Products offer the following benefits

  • Ability to monitor material distribution changes anywhere on the bottle
  • Improved blowmolder management and monitoring capabilities
  • Improved preventative maintenance and diagnostic capabilities
  • Ability to identify material shifts, process problems and random distribution-related events as they happen
  • Reduced job start-up time
  • Elimination of destructive testing
  • Ability to proactively manage light weight activities
  • Reduced held product, scrap and regrind


  • In-the-blow molder measurement
  • Up to 32 measurement locations
  • Multi-level control limits
  • Integration with blowmolder reject system for elimination of out-of-spec bottles
  • Mold and spindle correlation of data
  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Throughput of up to 100,000 bph
  • No job-specific sensor adjustment
  • Compatible with all major brands of rotary blow molders
  • Ready compatibility with Agr’s Process Pilot+™ automated blowmolder management system


“We operate a such high speeds that manual corrections can’t be done fast enough…When an operator monitors and manages the blowmolder, he has to analyze a set of data before making any major change.  It’s not nearly as efficient.” – Sid Khanna, Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, Niagara Bottling

“I see the Process Pilot as a multiplier…If I had to do my own section weights on a complete round of bottles, it would take half an hour, but the Agr system does it in less than 30 seconds…It multiplies our skillset – freeing up our process engineers from closely monitoring the blowmolder to do other things.”  – Damon Choate, Manufacturing Technology Specialist, Niagara Bottling

“Pilot is easy to install.  Operators learn to use the system quickly.  Pilot doesn’t require line space and fits nicely within the blowmolder.  Pilot provides IMMEDIATE visual process feedback.” 

“Ultimately, Pilot helps Coca Cola Enterprises improve its blowmolding process.  This results in significant financial savings in both material and labor.  Pilot is a total quality and process control solution!”  (CCE Netherlands)                                          

“If accuracy of measurements are almost equal to off-line . . . AGR machine posses enough inspection function with high accuracy for each and all production bottle data . . .”  (Suntory)

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