For evaluating residual strain in rigid containers

The Agr Polariscope is a laboratory tool that can be used to identify and evaluate residual strain in annealed glass containers and similar products. The Polariscope is an effective tool for determining stress in many types of glass containers and related products according to ASTM C-148.

The Agr Polariscope works on the principle of using polarized light to identify strain in glass. The Polariscope incorporates a polarizing filter to convert white light into a polarized light source that is then directed through a glass sample. Actual levels of stress (temper grade) can easily be determined by comparing colors exhibited during the test with those produced by calibrated standards.


  • Glass bottle production – detect annealing and structural stresses
  • Glass manufacturing – evaluate resultant temper stress
  • Detect the presence of compositional irregularities in bottles and glass products


  • Pivoting base for easy light table adjustment
  • Adjustable stage
  • Large work area
  • Tint plate provided to offset zero to 565mm


Glass – Basic Package

Glass – Professional Package