Volume expansion, pressure testing and shelf-life prediction for plastic and related containers

The PPT3000 offers high-resolution, servo-controlled pressure and volume expansion testing for plastic and related containers. The system can be used to verify that containers meet minimum pressure capabilities and to monitor the rate of volume expansion. This critical process management tool can be used in the laboratory or along side manufacturing lines to ensure that containers meet industry specifications.

Testing modes of the PPT3000

  • Fill-Ramp Mode – simulates the conditions for filling operations
  • Burst Pressure Mode – pressured quickly to a predefined pressure level
  • Custom Test Mode – provides the capability to create unique profiles
  • Programmable Volume Expansion Mode (optional) – enables operators to configure the duration of time for capturing the volume expansion during testing
  • M-RULE® Shelf-Life Mode (optional) – provides material utilization and predicted shelf-life data

An optional mode is also available for testing aluminum bottle domes. This test mode applies controlled internal pressure to a container to the point of base failure.


  • Integrated variable pressure programmability
  • Improved volume expansion resolution and reporting
  • Water temperature monitoring
  • Pressure and volume expansion curves displayed during the test
  • Operator input for mold number and end of test results
  • Ability to set upper and lower control limits
  • Integrated M-RULE® Shelf-Life prediction module (optional)



PET Bottles – Standard Package

PET Bottles – Professional Package

Pressure Testing, the right way

Regular pressure testing is essential to determining the integrity and performance attributes of PET bottles destined for pressure applications. Simulating real-world conditions is the only way to understand how bottles will perform under pressure during filling, in the warehouse and through retail channels. Without a proper pressure testing regimen, blowmolding problems can go unnoticed leaving bottle performance to chance, and with it, consequences that can be costly if bottles fail during filling or other downstream processes.

The science of pressure testing

The whitepaper, “Real World Pressure Testing of PET Containers”, provides an insight to the science behind PET bottle pressure testing and its relationship to bottle filling.  This paper discusses the container filling process and the forces that bottles experience, as well as the role that pressure and volume expansion testing play in this process.

Download the paper now to learn the real story.

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