Preform Vision Gauge (PVG4100)

Automated preform measurement of neck finish and external dimensions

The Preform Vision Gauge (PVG4100) is a high precision, vision-based, measurement station designed to provide accurate and repeatable measurement of PET preforms.

Designed exclusively for the measurement of preforms, the PVG4100 offers a simple, accurate and comprehensive alternative to tedious hand measurements while providing high precision measurements with minimal operator intervention. When configured with the robotic feed mechanism, this device can process a complete shot of preforms (up to 154) in one operation.

Multiple measurement functions available in one station:

  • Dimensional gauging – finish and body
  • ID
  • Weight

Wide range of tools specifically for perform measurement:

  • Finish (A, T, E, F, D, S, H, L, W, K, B, X)
  • Lean
  • Body Diameter
  • Inside Bore
  • Weight


  • Automatic measurement of up to 154 preforms in one operation
  • Advanced matrix, camera-based measurement with computerized reporting
  • Comprehensive, repeatable measurement of preform attributes
  • Robotic handling system for hands-off operation and rapid component throughput
  • Perform-specific fixtures for optimal measurement
  • Measurement routines specific to preforms and containers
  • Simple, easy-to-use operation
  • Cavity/mold number correlation of test data
  • Easy interface with common process control and laboratory data systems
  • Alarm light to alert operator of machine status