Ramp Pressure Tester 3 (RPT3)

The RPT3 is the culmination of Agr’s years of experience and innovation in container pressure testing.

The Ramp Pressure Tester 3 (RPT3) is the latest in a long history of advanced pressure testing instruments that combines Agr’s proven testing protocols with the latest technology.  The RPT3 is designed to perform precisely to the rigid testing requirements of the glass container industry, and tests fully conform to ASTM C-147 and ISO 7458, where a constant rate of increasing pressure must be applied.


Two-chamber design allowing for:

  • Fast-fill, two-station operation with automatic or pre-filled bottle capability
  • Simultaneous testing in both stations with separate data tracking
  • Easy access doors for improved bottle handling and loading
  • Automatic clamping and pressurization
  • Compensating pressure seals that accommodate full pressure range without leakage

Advanced features

  • Efficient water management
  • FPGA-based control for precise pressure management
  • Accurate low-end pressure control
  • Linux-based operating system
  • Large, rugged UI
  • Industry 4.0 compatible

 Optional vertical load testing

  • Integration with Agr Vertical Load Tester (VLT3)
  • Seamless transition from burst to load testing with a single button
  • Ability to perform pressure tests and vertical load tests simultaneously