Tilt Table

Measurement of container lubricity and coefficient of static friction

The Agr Tilt Table is an easy-to-operate test device that is designed to quickly determine the coefficient of static friction, or the surface lubricity, of a container or package.  For glass containers, this bench-top device enables an operator to measure the coefficient of static friction and tilt angle in accordance with GCMI Technical standards (Bulletin No. 69).The Tilt Table is a valuable tool that can be used for determining the efficiency of lubrication coatings on glass containers as well as other container types* that are transported on conveyor lines where the coefficient of friction impacts operation.


  • Compatible with small diameter containers
  • Counter balanced trip arm permits light containers to be measured accurately
  • Electronic brake system stops tilt table precisely when slippage occurs
  • Single setup for various size containers
  • Push-button reset


*Some non-glass container types may require additional weighting for best results.

Glass – Coating Package

Glass – Basic Package

Glass – Professional Package