Vertical Load Tester 3

Vertical load strength measurement for glass containers

The Vertical Load Tester 3 (VLT3) is the latest in a long history of advanced force testing systems equipment by Agr.  Designed to work with the standard test functions the RPT3,  the VLT3 utilizes a high-precision hydraulic system to apply vertical loading force to glass containers at a force up to 2070 kg (5900 lbs).

Two testing methods are offered with the VLT3:

  • Pass/fail test – to a pre-selected vertical load level
  • Test to destruction


  • Test data managed and displayed on the RPT3 user interface
  • Easy and intuitive job setup
  • User selectable units (lbf, Kgf, Newtons)
  • Test initiation from VLT controls or RPT3 UI
  • Rugged stainless-steel construction with safety interlocked door