Vision Bottle Gauge (VBG7000)

Automated dimensional measurement of plastic containers

The Vision Bottle Gauge (VBG7000) is an automated testing station that can work unattended to perform a number of critical measurements on bottles in one hands-off operation.

The VBG7000 offers a simple, accurate and comprehensive alternative to the tedious hand measurement of containers. Designed exclusively for measuring the unique attributes of containers and similar products, the VBG7000 provides the means to perform measurements on complex container shapes and sizes with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Multiple measurement functions available in one station

  • Dimensional gauging
  • Pushup
  • ID
  • Weight

Wide range of tools for bottles and preform measurement

  • Finish (A, T, E, F, D, S, H, L, K, B, Tilt)Finish Graphic(g)
  • Lean
  • Body Diameters and Width
  • Height
  • Pushup/Base Clearance
  • Inside Diameter
  • Weight


  • Automated measurement of up to 48 bottles in one operation
  • Advanced matrix, camera-based measurement with computerized reporting
  • Comprehensive, repeatable measurement of bottle attributes
  • Robotic handling system for hands-off operation and rapid container throughput
  • Container-specific measurement routines
  • Simple, easy-to-use operation
  • Cavity/mold number correlation of test data
  • Easy interface with common process control and laboratory data systems
  • Alarm light to alert operator of machine status