Ramp Pressure Tester 3 (RPT3)

Incorporating the latest in advanced pressure technology available for glass containers
Ramp Pressure Tester 3 (RPT3)

RPT3 is designed to...


Help you protect your brand through efficient and precise pressure testing in the lab or near the line


Provide an efficient tool to ensure that all containers meet expected pressure requirements


Perform accurate, consistent and repeatable pressure testing to industry specifications


Test two samples simultaneously

Two independent pressure chambers allow operators to perform two test at the same time, doubling testing capabilities over other devices.  The design of the RPT3 offers improved throughput and operator efficiency.

  • 2-bay design, with simultaneous testing
  • Multiple fill options for added flexibility
  • Long-lasting, hi-tech polymer seals support a wide range of finishes
  • Quick change holders permit ease of bottle loading and removal
  • Automatic chamber doors for safe and fast operation
  • Industry 4.0 compatibility for efficient data transfer

Leading-edge technology

The RPT3 is equipped with the latest technologies including FPGA-based velocity pressure management and Linux-based operating system.
Leading-edge technology

Versatile bottle management simplifies operation and supports a wide range of ware


Quick-change bottle holders
simplify job change and speed up testing


Long-lasting, hi-tech polymer seals
provide leak-free testing to 1000 psi (68.9 bars)



Unmatched pressure testing accuracy and precision

Precise controlled pressure testing available over a wide range of ware
  • High pressure testing to 1000 psi (69 bar)
  • Accurate pressurization better than 1% of full scale throughout the range
  • Accurate low-end pressure control and measurement as low as 1.4 bars (20 psi) eliminates false tests
  • Fully meets ASTM C147 and ISO 7458
  • Compatible with bottles from 118 ml to 4 liters


Vertical loading testing option

For added utility, the RPT3 interfaces with Agr’s Vertical Load Tester (VLT3) to provide load data on glass containers.  The VLT3 utilizes the test, control and data capture features of the RPT3.  The systems can be seamlessly integrated and operators can simultaneously perform vertical load tests along with the pressure tests.