The Right Tools and Expertise to Meet Your rPET and Lightweighting Goals!

The Right Tools

Process Pilot

Managing the blowmolding process is challenging. It is even more demanding when lightweighting and increased use of rPET is introduced. Process Pilot is a tool for bottle manufacturers to help manage and maintain the optimal process. Using real-time measurements of sidewall thickness of every bottle, it makes automatic adjustments to blowmolder control parameters when material distribution trends out of specification. This results in an optimized blowmolding process that delivers high-quality containers consistently.

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The Right People

Process Performance Optimization Group (PPOG)

PPOG supplements Process Pilot by providing plants expert process knowledge. PPOG consultants are industry veterans with a long history in bottle manufacturing operations. They possess a holistic view of the integral connections throughout the production cycle.

With the increased use of recycled resin, consistently making high-performing bottles becomes increasingly difficult. Operators typically don’t have the experience to deal with the issues that can occur. PPOG engineers can fill this gap with their deep understanding of the blowmolding process. They will work with your personnel to develop a plan to overcome production issues to achieve sustainable improvement in stability, uniformity, and productivity.

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