Additional training session held at Agr Bangkok

Having knowledgeable and trained representatives and distributors is an important part of Agr’s philosophy.  Keeping these agents up-to-date with the latest information on Agr products is a continual effort.  As part of this effort, the Agr Bangkok office recently held a hands-on training session for the Agr agents in the Pan Pacific region.  The initial in-person training of the agents in this area took place in 2013, shortly following the grand opening of the Agr Bangkok office.

The 2015 training focused mainly on the Agr plastic related product line, with a focus on the Pilot family of products and Agr’s extensive line of laboratory equipment.  This year’s training included representatives and distributors from Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The successful, 2-day session provided Agr’s “front-line” with the necessary knowledge-base to professionally and proficiently reach the needs of the Pan-Pacific container manufacturers and fillers.