Agr International, Inc. introduces the Polarimeter measurement instrument

As recent trends have shown, glass producers are seeking greater precision in measuring stress in their products as well as a need for increased versatility to measure thicker materials and colored product.  Agr International has responded to this need with the introduction of the Polarimeter for the glass container industry.

Agr’s Polarimeter provides residual stress measurement for glass containers and glassware.  Typical applications of the Polarimeter include residual stress, temper evaluations and cord screening.  This laboratory device offers the means to meet a broader range of industry needs, along with providing increased utility over other instruments.

PolarimeterThe Polarimeter is designed to provide a simple, reliable and repeatable way to determine retardation values as related to residual stress in annealed containers and glassware, without the need for expensive strain discs.  The unit incorporates an analyzer with up to 180° of rotation for easy and precise grading of optical retardation.  In addition, the precision, graduated scale and corresponding apparent temper grade reference offer direct determination of temper grade. This product fully meets industry requirements and can be operated in accordance with ASTM C-148 part B.