Услуги American Glass Research

Эти услуги предоставляются American Glass Research, дочерней компанией Agr International, и эффективно используются во многих сегментах рынка:icon_research от производителей стеклянной посуды до конечных пользователей. В основном эти услуги предназначены для предприятий, выпускающих упаковку для изделий из стекла, включая продукты питания и напитки, для производителей кухонной посуды и косметики, а также для фармацевтической промышленности. Кроме того, наш опыт использовался для оценки изделий из закаленного стекла, кухонной посуды и подсвечников. Наши постоянно растущие возможности являются широко востребованными среди производителей плоского стекла, автомобильного стекла, специального стекла и даже керамических и фарфоровых изделий.


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Consulting & Training (Butler, PA)

Training Seminars — topics include fracture diagnosis, defect identification, bottle design, coating technology, cord and annealing and batch and furnace operations

Production Line Audits — on-site visit to the glass manufacturing facility to assure quality production

Filling Line Audits — evaluation using an impact sensor to identify severe filling line handling

Container Design — use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to evaluate stresses generated in the container under anticipated loads

Performance Testing — development of tailored test strategies with goals ranging from quality evaluations to problem solving

Glass Quality — evaluation of stone, cord, glass color and composition

Annealing & Tempering — analysis of residual permanent stresses from annealing or glass strengthening processes

Fracture Diagnosis — root cause analysis of breakage to assess the severity of the fracture origin (flaw) versus load type and magnitude

Coatings — evaluation of hot end (tin oxide) and cold end (polyethylene, AP5) coatings

Labeling & Decorating — evaluation of embossing, applying a ceramic label (ACL), frosting and laser coding

Closure Problems — evaluation of capping, torque removal, cork extraction and rusting issues

Tableware Issues — flaw identification and performance testing, including impact and thermal shock

Product Liability — sample examination, testing and duplication of breakage, expert courtroom witness

Analytical (Maumee, OH)

Raw Material Composition — analysis to characterize all batch materials, including electrostatic precipitator dusts and cullets

Glass Composition — accurate and rapid glass analyses to resolve batch upset, meet compositional requirements, evaluate changes or meet customer requirements

Glass Physical Properties — testing which characterizes the properties of glass density, softening point and coefficient of thermal expansion

Heavy Metal Testing — testing for lead, cadmium and chromium (VI); complete container basis, ASTM C927-Lip and Rim testing; ASTM C-738 for food contact items; NIOSH 9100 Wipe Test

Contamination — testing for strength loss, foaming, labeling issues, packaging contamination and weathering

USP/EP Testing — testing of powdered glass, water attack at 121°C, arsenic, light transmission or soluble alkali