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Software Maintenance Plan

The Agr Software Maintenance Plan is designed to provide our customers with the latest software enhancements and upgrades available for their Agr measurement devices. This program offers a means to ensure that your Agr products have the latest software enhancements, developed by our engineers through the life of a given product.

Agr offers Software Maintenance Agreements for all Agr equipment that is software based. Agreements are available in a number of price ranges depending on the equipment type and the length of the program.

The Software Maintenance Agreements offer:

  • The latest software updates for a product to latest revision
  • No charge replacement for software that is damaged or corrupted
  • Free software options; software features that are normally priced as options, are available at no additional cost (as part of an upgrade), while maintenance agreement is in effect
  • Free phone support for any software-related problem or issue
  • Virus scanning and software correction

Program Benefits

  • Keep your Agr product up-to-date with the latest software improvements and features
  • Take advantage of the latest software options without charge ($2,000-5000 value)
  • Avoid the cost of software replacement in the event of damage or corruption
Contact for more information.