Agr Academy

New regulations and corporate commitments are increasing the focus on sustainability in the PET bottle market. Aggressive sustainability goals are pressuring self-manufacturers to increase the use of rPET, making bottle production more complicated and difficult. In order to keep up with these events, it is imperative that those involved in the production of PET bottles fully understand the properties of PET, the use of recycled materials and the issues and circumstances that affect the production.

Agr Academy is a comprehensive training and education program designed to help your organization manage these issues and close gaps in knowledge, skills and experience of personnel involved in the production of PET bottles.  The Agr Academy offers a number of standard courses as well as customized, in-plant programs that focus on particular needs of your operation.

  • Determine how to get the most out of your PET blowmolding program
  • Learn how to deal with processing variables that affect PET bottle production
  • Recognize the issues that disrupt downstream production
  • Understand how to overcome rPET processing challenges
  • Realize new methods to achieve lightweighting goals

PET 101 – 3 Days

This course covers the basics of PET, the material, and provides a fundamental understanding of how PET is used in the bottle making process. You will learn about the PET material science and why PET is a preferred packaging material for producing bottles.

Advanced Blowmolder Process Management – 3 Days

Learn how to optimize the production line from the blowmolder through the case packer.  This program introduces Process Pilot+® automated blowmolder management system and how it can help the production process.  This is ideally suited for personnel involved in light-weighting and rPET production, as well as those who have attended Agr’s PET101 course.

Addressing difficult quality problems in the rPET Environment – 5 days

Even as a seasoned operator, you can learn how to overcome the increased variability and unique quality demands that rPET introduces to the blowing process. This program focuses on the use of Agr’s Pilot Vision+™ system to help manage the quality of rPET bottles during the production process.

Precision measurement of Plastic bottle and preform characteristics in the laboratory – 3 Days

Learn how to perform comprehensive thickness and dimensional measurement of your bottles and preforms including hard to measure dimensional characteristics as well as thickness profiling. This course reviews the different methods of measurement, from manual to automated. Participants will also have the opportunity to work with the Agr Gawis4D® measurement system to learn the capabilities of this tool.

Learn from the experts how to process PET bottles – 5 Days  (in-plant only)

This in-plant course covers the fundamentals of blowmolder processing including classroom instruction on the basics and science behind 2-stage blowmolder operation with hands-on process setup at the blowmolder. This comprehensive course begins with a basic understanding of the blowmolding process and includes a detailed review of the human, environmental and equipment variables that affect bottle production.