Process Improvement Consulting

Agr’s Process Improvement Consulting Service includes a team of professional consultants that utilize the extensive experience and knowledge accumulated by Agr engineers in their work developing process management tools and testing equipment for the bottle manufacturing industry. Agr’s consulting professionals work directly with process engineers and plant floor personnel to solve difficult problems such as managing challenging light weight applications and quality issues as well as a myriad of process improvement efforts that lead to improved pack rate. Some of the offerings available through this service include:

Blowmolder performance analysis/Process control design — using state-of-the-art container performance measurement equipment, Agr engineers can evaluate a blowmolder’s production relative to design and process control limits and assist in establishing effective process control variables and limits for products in production

Manufacturing process control — Agr engineers work with plant personnel to audit and analyze process capabilities versus process performance objectives, identifying measurable points or parameters that can be correlated with the process

Experimental design (DOE) — Agr engineers can design plant-specific experiments which systematically alter blowmolder input variable values while observing the results of output quantity and quality.

Custom programs — these can include the use of advanced statistical methods to evaluate on-line package, process and blower production and performance problems based on plant-specific needs.