Process Performance Optimization Group

Agr’s Process Performance Optimization Group includes a team of professional process and operational engineers with extensive knowledge and experience optimizing reheat stretch blowmolding production and line efficiency.  This group is available to analyze your operations and develop a customized approach, focusing on your plant’s specific issues and needs.  Some of the offerings available through this service include the optimization of:

Blowmolder  – includes overall assessment of individual blowing lines, creation of a comprehensive management plan and design of optimal recipes.

Process Pilot automated tools – assistance in using these powerful tools to manage blowmolder and production quality, including system assessment, advanced training and blowmolder setup for automated management.

Production line – auditing and evaluation of bottle conveyance/storage/handling as well as overall line efficiency and maintenance.

The Process Performance Optimization Group also provides job-specific services including recipe design, product startup and testing.