Process Performance Optimization Group

Agr’s Process Performance Optimization Group includes a team of professional process and operational engineers with extensive knowledge and experience optimizing reheat stretch blowmolding production and line efficiency.  This group is available to analyze your operations and develop a customized approach, focusing on your plant’s specific issues and needs as well as working with you to address production challenges related to light-weighting efforts and increased use of rPET material.  Some of the offerings available through this service include:

Blowmolder Processing and Recipe Optimization – a comprehensive assessment of the blowmolder condition, production environment, rPET usage and the recipes in use to produce bottles on that line. Using this information, the PPOG team can create a comprehensive blowmolder management plan for optimal bottle quality, blowmolder efficiency, uptime and scrap reduction while helping plant personnel to realize maximum production capabilities for all bottle designs

Process Diagnostic review of blowmolder operation – an assessment of the overall blowmolder condition and  the factors limiting blowmolder production.  Using this information, the PPOG team recommends adjustments to achieve optimal blowmolder operation while maximizing bottle quality and consistency.

Process Pilot automated tools  a review of the Agr Process Pilot automated blowmolder management tools already installed on your blowmolder. The PPOG team assists plant personnel in using these powerful tools to manage blowmolder and production quality, including system assessment, advanced training and blowmolder setup for automated management.

Effective use of quality management toolsintroduction to the tools available to monitor bottle quality and blowmolder performance, and how these tools can provide the means to make science and data-based processing decisions to improve bottle quality and performance.

Advanced Training Programs for Plant Personnel – Designed to provide plant personnel with the knowledge necessary to produce high-quality bottles, with maximum efficiency.  Programs available include:

  • Blowmolder process fundamentals – focuses on the basic fundamentals of blowmolder operation, sources of process variability and key attributes that affect bottle quality and blowmolder efficiency.
  • Process Pilot Family – offers a comprehensive overview of the product, including instruction on advanced operation, setup and job creation as well as use of Process Pilot as a predictive diagnostic tool. This program is designed to maximize the value of your investment in this powerful tool.

The Process Performance Optimization Group also provides job-specific services including recipe design, product startup and testing.