Repair Services

icon_repairAgr designs and builds its equipment to meet the harsh requirements of continuous production environments. However, as with any mechanical product, there are some components that may wear and require service or repair. Equipment repair services are offered in-plant and at our depot repair locations in Butler, PA, USA; Leese, Germany; Montecchio, Italy and Bangkok, Thailand sites. All work includes complete electronic and mechanical repairs and is covered by a 6-month warranty. An estimated repair cost can be provided before proceeding. When turn-around time is critical, Agr depot repair locations also offer expedited services.

In addition to typical equipment repair, our headquarters provides special services including:

Container Evaluations for OLT Thickness Sensing Strips – A curved sensing strip is used on our family of thickness measurement products when measuring thickness in a curved area of a container. The Repairs group will evaluate your sample containers and determine the correct sensing head shape for your application.

Calibration and Certification – Inspection data is only reliable if the equipment has been correctly calibrated. Good calibration practice requires that your calibration standards or instruments be verified periodically. The Repairs group provides calibration and certification of Agr measurement standards and gauges including:

  • Dimensional Standards
  • Coating Measurement System Standards
  • Thickness Standards
  • Pressure Test Gauges