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ThicknessPen - A Better, Simpler
Way to Measure Thickness

Versatile, Highly Accurate, Non-Destructive

Thickness Measurement with High Precision

  • For all types of non-ferrous products and materials
  • Dual-mode design offers versatility for a range of applications
  • No strong magnet or fragile probes to deal with
  • Precision to provide the right measurement, every time
  • Purposely designed for stationary and/or on-the-go use
  • Easy-to-operate
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Rugged and Reliable

Two Ways to Measure

Measure using either magnetic or capacitance mode

Magnetic -
with a target ball

  • Equal to or better than existing magnetic gauges
  • Measure intricate features and thin materials
  • Ideal for the lab when used with the docking station
  • Compatible with glass, plastics, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials

Capacitance -
without a target ball

  • Touch and measure operation
  • Suited for field or at-the-line measurements where portability is sought and product contamination is a concern
  • Ideal for measuring large containers, sheet materials, plastic and glass, and other items where target balls are not practical

Dependable Thickness Measurement

Resilient design
Compact and light weight
Drop and water-resistant
Suitable for use in the lab, on the plant floor or remote job site.

Providing Simple Integration with Smart Devices

Smart Technology

  • Bluetooth-enabled for easy data transfer and management
  • User control over the type and size of data displayed, for simple system software management
  • App-based design ensures that system software never goes out of date and upgrades are easily accessed
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