Dimensional Sampling Gauge (尺寸取样测量仪)


尺寸取样测量仪 (DSG) 是一款高精度的自动测量台,可在单次、免手工操作中执行一系列重要测量。设计用于满足玻璃容器生产行业不断增加的测量需求,此系统融合最尖端的光学、机械元件和先进测量算法,能够全天候重复执行甚至是最困难的测量,得到高精度结果。 多种测量功能整合在一台仪器中 尺寸 孔径 凹底 重量 侧壁厚度 3 种配置可供选择 基于实验室的系统,操作员最多可装载 48 个容器以进行免手工操作 在车间内独立运行,通过传送带进样来测量全部样本 作为 Agr OmniLab 自动取样系统的一部分,自动从生产线上取样 超过 30 种专门针对瓶罐的测量 多项外部尺寸 高度 全面瓶口测量 倾斜/弯曲颈 斜度 角度和半径 间接测量结果汇总 可搜索“T”和“E” 内径与细径 – 深度达 90 毫米 锁角 凹底/底部间隙 重量 镶面膨胀和凹陷 脱模 凸缘 简单标签镶面扫描 非连续标签镶面区扫描

Glass – Professional

DSG Payback
DSG Payback

DSG label article
DSG label article

“We were looking for a technical solution that could remove the human factor from our measurement programme…As a result of an extensive evaluation of available equipment, the Agr Dimensional Sampling Gauge (DSG) was selected to be the measurement system of choice for the Vetropack plants.” – Stefan Haunreiter, Vetropack

“We do a lot of measurements…We need to make conclusions on the results of process control.  You can only do this when the level of quality of the measurment is very, very good…and you can measure enough of the production to have valid data.  The Agr  Dimensional Sampling Gauge provided us with this.” –  Bernhard Huber, Vetropack

Measurements . . .“Excellent quality and repeatability as experienced in the hands-on session”

The User Interface . . .“close to being perfect” (compared to time consuming interfaces from the competition)

Very solid and robust look and feel with massive use of quality US and German components”

Superior to any current offering with universal handling system”

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