Pilot Profiler® 材料分布管理系统

适用于 PET 容器的全面吹塑机中厚度分布测量

Pilot Profiler® 吹塑机中材料分布测量系统在每个所生产 PET 容器的生产点上提供容器的实时测量反馈。此系统提供当今的高速吹塑业务中轻质化、质量管理和工艺控制功能所需的高精确材料分布数据。兼容所有主要旋转吹塑机品牌。 Pilot Profiler 系统特有紧凑型非接触式测量装置,定位于吹塑机内以在瓶子退出模具时对其进行测量。此系统最多可配置 32 个传感器以生成容器整个侧壁的全面厚度轮廓数据。 Pilot 产品具有以下优势: 能够监控瓶上任何地方的材料分布变化 改进的吹塑机管理和监控功能 改进的预防性维护和诊断功能 能够识别材料变动、工艺问题和随机产生的分布相关事件 缩短作业启动时间 消除了破坏性检测 能够主动管理轻质活动 减少手持式产品、碎片和重磨 特色功能 吹塑机中测量 多达 32 个测量位置 多级控制限制 与吹塑机拒收系统集成,以消除不合格瓶子 模具和主轴相关数据 易于理解的用户界面 产量高达 100,000 瓶/小时 无作业特定的传感器调整 无缝集成 Agr 的 Pilot Vision 缺陷检测系统 兼容所有主要的旋转吹塑机品牌 原生兼容 Agr Process Pilot 自动吹塑机管理系统 可选

“We operate a such high speeds that manual corrections can’t be done fast enough…When an operator monitors and manages the blowmolder, he has to analyze a set of data before making any major change.  It’s not nearly as efficient.” – Sid Khanna, Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, Niagara Bottling“I see the Process Pilot as a multiplier…If I had to do my own section weights on a complete round of bottles, it would take half an hour, but the Agr system does it in less than 30 seconds…It multiplies our skillset – freeing up our process engineers from closely monitoring the blowmolder to do other things.”  – Damon Choate, Manufacturing Technology Specialist, Niagara Bottling“Pilot is easy to install.  Operators learn to use the system quickly.  Pilot doesn’t require line space and fits nicely within the blowmolder.  Pilot provides IMMEDIATE visual process feedback.” “Ultimately, Pilot helps Coca Cola Enterprises improve its blowmolding process.  This results in significant financial savings in both material and labor.  Pilot is a total quality and process control solution!”  (CCE Netherlands)                                          “If accuracy of measurements are almost equal to off-line . . . AGR machine posses enough inspection function with high accuracy for each and all production bottle data . . .”  (Suntory)Agr Customers