Process Pilot® 自动吹塑机控制系统

适用于 PET 容器生产的自动吹塑机控制系统

Process Pilot ® 自动吹塑机控制系统是软件和硬件接口件的组合,与 Pilot Profiler 测量系统联合使用来提供维持吹塑工艺的无人化操作。Process Pilot 控制系统利用来自 Pilot Profiler 系统的反馈持续监控材料分布,并自动调整吹塑机设置,以维持最优的瓶分布特性,无需操作员干预。Process Pilot 系统消除了吹塑管理过程中耗时的手工步骤,从而减少工艺变化并提高瓶性能和质量。 “Process Pilot 系统可控制吹塑机工艺达到的精确度级别是依靠有限的重量数据反馈的方法无法比拟的。” Process Pilot 自动吹塑机控制系统对如下常见吹塑机问题提供更为有效的管理: 瓶坯变化 启动短暂 环境变化 操作员经验 整体更协调的吹塑机操作 减少工艺和环境变化 提高生产轻质容器的能力 提高整体瓶质量和性能 减少拒收和废料 特色功能 易于使用,“即装即用”式操作 可调节工艺控制限值 内置警报和控制装置以保护吹塑机 同步管理多个参数,包括烘炉灯、压力、瓶坯温度和计时 兼容所有主要吹塑机品牌 与 Agr Pilot Profiler 分布监控系统和 Pilot Vision 检查系统无缝集成

Lighter bottles demand more precise operations, especially in handling…Our research and manufacturing teams huddled and looked for new ideas to overcome line issues. Through trial and error with our new bottle designs, we learned Agr’s process monitoring is the best tool available today that is compatible with all leading blow molding equipment to assure we make the most consistent bottle we can for our downstream process.” – Sid Khanna, manager manufacturing solutions, Niagara BottlingThe results of the automated control system are quantifiable and substantial.  In the 12 months following the installation, the plant experienced a 52.7% improvement in waste reduction.  Looking at all the benefits, including enhanced productivity and the savings in raw material due to consistent output, the payback period for the new system was less than one year. We’ve also seen a big improvement in statistical process control indicators such as Cpks and PPKs since we added the Process Pilot and OptiCheck…Our productivity and customer satifaction have increased, and we don’t run our jar line without them.”  – Don Waud, Plant Manager, Graham PackagingThe Process Pilot provided “reduced process optimization time at start up, improved bottle performances, reduced influence of operators on blowmolder settings and a decrease in rejected packages…With Hurana’s production of millions bottles per month, the savings are considerable…Suntory intends to extend deployment (of Process Pilot) to additional blowmolding lines, bringing it increasingly closer to the light-weighting goals of our sustainability campaign.” – Mr.Kobayashi, Deputy General Manager, SuntoryAgr Customers